Pills by post and the importance of telemedical abortion care

What is this campaign about?

  • The governments of England, Scotland, and Wales are currently considering the future of telemedical abortion care. Telemedicine has been used in abortion care for the past year – but because of the way abortion law works, if the government decides to go back to the previous system, it will become illegal for women to take the first part of an Early Medical Abortion anywhere except a hospital or specially-licensed clinic.
  • We need your help now to make sure safe, effective, and accessible telemedical care remains in place

What do you need from me?

  • We need you to write to your Member of Parliament, Member of the Scottish Parliament, or Member of the Welsh Senedd to ask them to help keep telemedical abortion care legal

Why is this a problem?

  • Abortion law in Great Britain is laid out in the Abortion Act 1967. Ministers have to make a specific decision to allow women to take abortion medication in their own homes.
  • This decision was made temporarily at the beginning of the pandemic, but the governments in England, Scotland, and Wales are all now considering whether to make this a permanent measure or whether to revoke it.

What is telemedical abortion care?

  • Telemedicine is just a way to describe medical appointments and care that happen over the telephone or internet rather than face-to-face. It’s been introduced for a lot of care during the pandemic – including GP appointments and maternity care – and abortion is no different
  • Clients who have a telemedical abortion are in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy (12 weeks in Scotland), and receive their abortion medication, pain relief, and a follow-up pregnancy test in the post
  • Everybody who has telemedical care has a consultation with a qualified nurse or midwife, and they still have to receive two doctors’ signatures before they can have their medications posted to them

For more information, read our briefings below.

You can take action to save telemedicine here.